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Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian will dust all his extra cards tonight, tune in to see if it breaks the game: 04.06.2017

Update: Well, Kripp finally pressed the button, and 660,620 dust later with over 60k viewers watching...nothing happened. I wasn't even sure he had pressed it at all, as his game froze up and became unresponsive. After a minute or so, the game crashed and Kripp restarted it. It seems the servers themselves stayed standing (even if his client didn't) and when he restarted the game, all the promised dust had been successfully delivered—just with none of the theatrics that usually come with mass disenchants. An anti-climactic moment, but that's live TV, I suppose! You can watch the moment of truth in the clip above. Original story: The end of Hearthstone may be upon us. At midnight EDT tonight, Hearthstone streamer (and Arena king) Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan will "hit the button," disenchanting any extra copies of cards he has all at once—an act game director Ben Brode said at one point "would have brought down Hearthstone." While Brode followed up by saying it's "probably ok now," that hint of hesitance has got fans excited to see what actually happens. Kripp has famously been hoarding duplicate cards for three years, and the dust gained from that exercise has now reached over 660k (for reference, our in-house Hearthstone expert Tim Clark rarely has more than 1k dust). Kripp had been hoping to accumulate enough dust to craft a full collection of golden cards in one go, but changed his plans earlier this year to just crafting gold cards in the Standard rotation upon reaching one million followers on Twitch. "With three card expansions per year, even buying over 1k packs each time, and constantly getting Arena packs won't come close to having the full collection golden," Kripp told us over Skype. His original target was simply not attainable anymore, and also not as necessary thanks to Arena's switch to Standard. "It's kind of a measure of compromise with the fact that Arena is now standard format," he said.

Hotfixes in World of Warcraft: 30.04.2017

A new Hotfix came out at night. Some things got fixed and changed in the World of Warcraft. What exactly can you see here.

Tavern Brawl of the Week - 29.04.2017:

Help Yogg-Saron find a servant! Your deck is full of wannabes who cast a random spell at a random target when played.

Blizzard Wild Cup - 29.04.2017:

This Year, Blizzard wants to focus more on Wild Format, Ben Brode confirmed some days ago. Yesterday Blizzard announced an official Wild-Cup. The Top 64 Wild-Players out of the May Season will be qualified. More details soon.